October 23. Bryn Mawr College, PA. 4:30pm. 

November 4-11. Hong Kong International Literary Festival. 


Feminist Voices in China: From #MeToo to Censorship. Council on Foreign Relations, New York. July 2018.


Challenging Authoritarianism through Feminist Activism: Insights from ChinaLeitner Center, Fordham Law School, New York. December 2017.

From the Frontlines: Feminism in China, Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs. New York. December 2017.

"Engaging China: Feminism and Women's Empowerment". Robert Bosch Stiftung, Berlin. July 2017.

Keynote speaker at Redefine Chinese Women's Leadership Conference. Barnard College. April 2017.

High-Level Roundtable on Women and Legislative Reform - University of Pennsylvania Law School/UN Women, New York. March 2017.

Rebellious Lawyering: Feminist and LGBTQ Activism Under Authoritarianism. Yale Law SchoolFebruary 2017.


Women in Publishing Society, Hong Kong. June 2016.

Association for Asian Studies, Seattle. April 2016.

Columbia University Weatherhead East Asian Institute. March 2016.

Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. March 2016.

New School India-China Institute, New York. February 2016.


University of Nottingham Ningbo China. December 2015.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology-Smith College Leadership Program for Women - November 2015.

Shanghai International Literary Festival. November 2015.

Hong Kong International Literary Festival.  November 2015.

University of San Francisco event, “Leftover Women – Gender Inequality in Contemporary China and Japan.” October 2015.

The Brookings Institution event, “Women, Sexuality and Social Change in China.” April 2015.

Chinese University of Hong Kong Department of Cultural and Religious Studies. March 2015.

University of Toronto conference on Law and China. February 2015.



Humanities of the European Research Area (HERA) conference, Precariously Yours: Gender, Class, and Urbanity in Contemporary Shanghai. Shanghai, December 2014.

Hopkins China Forum, Shanghai. December 2014.

Keynote speaker at annual meeting, Shanghai American Chamber of Commerce. November 2014.

Hong Kong Literary Festival. November 2014.

University of Minnesota Department of Sociology. October 2014.

CUNY Staten Island Department of Media Culture and Modern China Studies Program and CUNY Graduate School of Journalism in Manhattan. October 2014.

Yale University Council on East Asian Studies/Yale-China Association. October 2014.

University of Connecticut Department of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies. October 2014.

Duke University Asian/Pacific Studies Institute. October 2014.

Haverford College and Bryn Mawr College Agnes Chen Memorial Distinguished Visitor. September 2014.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Library. September 2014.

New America Foundation, New York. July 2014.

National Committee on United States-China Relations, New York. July 2014.

Human Rights Watch, Washington D.C. July 2014.

US Consulate, Hong Kong. July 2014.

Foreign Correspondents Club, Shanghai. June 2014.

UN Women/Austrian embassy, Beijing. May 2014.

EU delegation embassy/Foreign Correspondents Club of China, Beijing. May 2014.

Foreign Correspondents Club, Hong Kong. May 2014.

Young China Watchers, Hong Kong. May 2014.

University of Hong Kong, Comparative Education Research Centre. April 2014.

Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain/Young China Watchers, London. April 2014.

POWER 2014 conference on women, Beijing, April 2014.

Bookworm International Literary Festival in Beijing and Chengdu, March 2014.

Flamingo Group salon in Singapore, “Changing Values in China,” March 2014.

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Division of Social Science Seminar. March 2014.



CET Academic Programs, Beijing, July 2013.

Chinese talk on women and residential real estate at一元公社 女行论坛, Beijing, June 2013.

Beijing International Society at British Embassy Residence in Beijing. February 2013.