News/Reviews featuring Leta Hong Fincher

In China, courts deny women divorces in the name of “social harmony” The Economist, Oct 2019

Abortions, IUDs and sexual humiliation: Muslim women who fled China for Kazakhstan recount ordeals Washington Post, Oct 2019

Silenced at home, finding a voice overseas: China’s feminists cultivate the expatriate community South China Morning Post, Oct 2019

Asian universities contend with their #MeToo moment Times Higher Education, Oct 2019

LA Review of Books podcast - Leta Hong Fincher on Feminism in China September 2019

“Thwarted at Home, Can China’s Feminists Rebuild a Movement Abroad?” ChinaFile, August 2019

“Leta Hong Fincher gives an impassioned and moving account of the modern women’s rights movement in China” The Gallyry, August 2019

“I Felt Like I Was Drowning”: On Women’s Rights in Taiwan LA Review of Books, August 2019

A Prosperous China Says “Men Preferred,” and Women Lose New York Times, July 2019

Interview with Leta Hong Fincher on “Betraying Big Brother” The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder, June 2019

The War on Women: The View from China - interview with Leta Hong Fincher Project Syndicate podcast, June 2019

Interview with Leta Hong Fincher on my books “Betraying Big Brother” and “Leftover Women” Engendered podcast, June 2019

This woman [Zheng Churan] is running to save the love of her life Buzzfeed, June 2019

Interview with Leta Hong Fincher on the resilience of the Chinese feminist movement China Digital Times, June 2019

Without memories of 1989, Chinese activists of a new generation struggle for social change LA Times, June 2019

LGBTQ rights in China: Halfway out of closet? Nikkei Asian Review, June 2019

How the feminist movement is challenging global authoritarianism - Leta Hong Fincher Q&A for Aspen Ideas Festival, May 2019

Why do Election 2020’s male candidates get better coverage than women? Quartz, April 2019

Leta Hong Fincher interviewed about Betraying Big Brother on The Atlantic’s Masthead podcast April 2019

Betraying Big Brother “captures the irony of having an international day dedicated to women’s rights when governments across the world are stifling those rights” Buzzfeed March 2019

China’s women’s movement has not only survived an intense crackdown, it’s grown - Guardian op-ed by Leta Hong Fincher, March 2019

This International Women’s Day, support liberal democracy by defending women’s rights against authoritarianism South China Morning Post op-ed by Leta Hong Fincher, March 2019

How the arrest of 5 Chinese women galvanized the country’s feminist movement - CBC radio interview with Leta Hong Fincher, March 2019

The Chinese feminists fighting patriarchy from abroad PRI, May 2019

Leta Hong Fincher interviewed about Betraying Big Brother on The Theory of Everything podcast, May 2019

Betraying Big Brother named one of Vanity Fair’s top eight political books of fall 2018

Betraying Big Brother named one of Newsweek’s 61 best books of 2018

Betraying Big Brother named by Bitch Media as one of 15 best nonfiction books for fall 2018

Betraying Big Brother named one of 14 best foreign policy books of 2018 by Foreign Policy Interrupted

Betraying Big Brother named one of 50 best feminist books of 2018 by Autostraddle

Leta Hong Fincher Looks at the Rise of Feminism in China Video interview with USC’s US-China Institute 2019

Betraying Big Brother named top book out of “13 must-read books for anyone interested in feminism” by Ezvid Wiki in 2019

New York Times review: “She argues that misogyny is at the core of China’s authoritarian regime and that a feminist movement, if not suppressed, could prove to be the country’s ‘most transformative movement.’ ” December, 2018

Betraying Big Brother named one of Time Out Shanghai’s “eight books on essential International Women’s Day reading list” March 2019

“The west believe they taught us feminism” Leta Hong Fincher featured in Guardian video March 2019

New York Times: Stop Asking Women About Childbearing Status, China Tells Employers February 2019

Guardian: Can China recover from its disastrous one-child policy? March 2019

BBC World News TV interviews Leta Hong Fincher about China’s feminist movement Oct. 8, 2018

TIME Magazine: Author Leta Hong Fincher Shows Why the World Should Pay Attention to China’s Feminists

NPR’s Here and Now interviews Leta Hong Fincher on her book Betraying Big Brother, China’s feminist movement and #MeToo

LA Review of Books review: “Hong Fincher makes a provocative and persuasive argument about the significance of the feminist movement in China, asserting that it is already a political wave the likes of which China has not seen since 1989.” February, 2019

Washington Post review: Betraying Big Brother “argues persuasively that the activism the [feminist] five awakened is already challenging the authoritarian state, with more and more women taking control of their bodies” November 21, 2018

How young Chinese women are taking on Xi Jinping Profile of Betraying Big Brother in Australian Financial Review, March 9, 2019

Leta Hong Fincher interview with Uncommon Sense at Australia’s RRR on her book Betraying Big Brother March 12, 2019

Robin Morgan interviews Leta Hong Fincher on her book Betraying Big Brother WMC Live February 24, 2019

Foreign Policy review: "With a dearth of information about non-Western feminist responses to sexual assaults...Hong Fincher has filled an important gap and showed how a generation of Chinese women is making great strides." January 2019

The Patriarchy Strikes Back in China Foreign Policy excerpt of Betraying Big Brother January 2019

How #MeToo Is Taking on a Life of Its Own in Asia TIME magazine, October 9, 2018

BBC Woman’s Hour interviews Leta Hong Fincher about her book Betraying Big Brother October 2018

ABC News The World interview on Betraying Big Brother February 2019

BBC News: Why has “dating leave” been given to Chinese women? February 2019

“In her sprawling and detailed recent book, Betraying Big Brother, Fincher aims to tell the story of the women’s rights movement in China through their saga.” Book Forum review December 2018 

Interview with Little Red Podcast on Betraying Big Brother January 2019

Reuters Breakingviews podcast with Leta Hong Fincher about Betraying Big Brother October 2018

Harvard Fairbank Center podcast on Betraying Big Brother: The Feminist Awakening in China November 2018

“Hong Fincher’s book tells the story of the feminist movement in China, and the women she writes about are operating in almost unimaginably hostile conditions” New Statesman, October 2018

China’s New Feminists LA Review of Books China Channel excerpt from Betraying Big Brother, October 2018

China’s #MeToo Activists have Transformed a Generation Foreign Policy, January 2019

Feminism and femininity in Xi Jinping’s “New Era” The Interpreter, November 2018

Why the Communist Party wants to stifle #MeToo in China Inkstone News, November 2018

Interview with RTHK on Betraying Big Brother, Hong Kong International Literary Festival November 2018

Betraying Big Brother on list of top fall books - by the New Internationalist October 2018

Tank Magazine interview with Leta Hong Fincher November 2018

Betraying Big Brother “by far the most complete account yet of the story of the Feminist Five, who were detained for several weeks in 2015 for planning to hand out anti-sexual harassment information on public transport on International Women’s Day” Hong Kong Free Press October 2018

Betraying Big Brother in “Hope is a Good Book” collection “highlighting voices that have shone through the political and social gloom” Strand Bookstore, October 2018

Axios interviews Leta Hong Fincher on her book Betraying Big Brother October 2018

Betraying Big Brother "brings the clash between China’s grassroots women’s movement and the state’s manipulation of women to life" Reuters Breaking Views October 2018

Betraying Big Brother “deserves to be read and talked about – not only to understand better the plight of women in China and across the world, but also to better understand legitimacy-building in an undemocratic China.” Mapping China review, October 2018

India’s She The People interviews Leta Hong Fincher on her book Betraying Big Brother October 2018

FreshEd podcast with Leta Hong Fincher on Betraying Big Brother October 2018

What the Brett Kavanaugh controversy can teach China about feminism and social change South China Morning Post

Yue Xin, a #MeToo and Labor Rights Activist in China, Has Been Missing for Weeks After Being Detained by Police Jezebel, Oct. 2018

Brett Kavanaugh, Gender Inequality and the Decline of Democracy Medium, October 6, 2018

Leta Hong Fincher on Feminism and #MeToo in China Jezebel, September 2018

Betraying Big Brother a "meticulously of modern China - its politics and popular culture" South China Morning Post, Aug. 2018

How #MeToo changed China, one year on SBS, October 2018

Hour-long WBAI radio interview with Leta Hong Fincher about Betraying Big Brother WBAI’s The Jordan Journal, Oct. 12, 2018

Interview with Leta Hong Fincher The Diplomat, August 31, 2018

Asia Experts Forum interview with Leta Hong Fincher Claremont McKenna Keck Center for International and Strategic Studies

Given the right to larger families, Chinese may hold off AFP, August 28, 2018

China could scrap two-child policy, ending 40 years of limits The Guardian, August 27, 2018

Betraying Big Brother "a fascinating and earnest book" with "riveting stories" Publishers Weekly, August 27, 2018

Off the Shelf Harvard Magazine September-October 2018

Harvard Fairbank Center: The Feminist Awakening in China by Leta Hong Fincher September 2018

"Leta Hong Fincher’s upcoming book weaves the stories of Chinese feminists into the fabric of Chinese history in a way that can’t be censored or erased" Young China Watchers Summer Reading List, August 7, 2018

“Betraying Big Brother is both enlightening and harrowing, but it also provides cause for hope” The China Forum, August 2018

Why Young Chinese Aren't Rushing Into Marriage NPR Morning Edition July 31, 2018

Chinese authorities are offering wedding subsidies and cash payments to lure 'high quality' women into having more babies Business Insider July 31, 2018

Betraying Big Brother "urgent", "sweeping" and "crucial reading" - Hong Kong Review of Books July 27, 2018

China's two-child policy is having unintended consequences The Economist July 26, 2018

Chinese college teaches female students to be ‘perfect’ Washington Post, June 25, 2018

Want a Divorce in China? You Might have to Fail a Quiz First New York Times, May 30, 2018

Chinese Feminists Push #MeToo Movement Amid Censorship NBC News May 3, 2018

China's Universities Face a #MeToo Moment Wall Street Journal April 22, 2018

Interview with Leta Hong Fincher in Oxford Review of Books ORB April 5, 2018

How Feminists in China are Using Emoji to Avoid Censorship WIRED March 30, 2018

China Silences its Feminists on International Women's Day Radio Free Asia March 9, 2018

"Leftover Women" named one of Beijing Time Out's best books on women in modern China February 21, 2018

Xi Jinping's authoritarian rise in China has been powered by sexism by Leta Hong Fincher, Washington Post, March 1, 2018 

Leta Hong Fincher, Author of Acclaimed 'Leftover Women', Discusses the Uprising of Feminism in China The Beijinger, February 22, 2018

China Dropped its One-Child Policy. So Why Aren't Chinese Women Having More Babies? by Leta Hong Fincher, New York Times, February 20, 2018

China is in a muddle over population policy The Economist, February 8, 20018

China's feminist movement braves a government crackdown on #MeToo The Verge, February 9, 2018

China is Attempting to Muzzle #MeToo by Leta Hong Fincher, National Public Radio, February 1, 2018

Rise of 'morality schools' for Chinese women sparks outcry Associated Press, February 1, 2018

China's #MeToo Moment The New Yorker, February 1, 2018

BBC World TV interview with Leta Hong Fincher on #MeToo movement in China BBC World TV, January 25, 2018

Interview with Leta Hong Fincher about #MeToo and Betraying Big Brother: The Feminist Awakening in China Roundhouse Radio, January 24, 2018

#MeToo reaches China: As claims are made against two professors, Beijing struggles to keep a lid on movement The Telegraph, January 13, 2018 

#MeToo makes its way to China, but will the government censor it? The Verge, January 11, 2018

How did #MeToo get started in China? Not even government censorship can silence it Bustle, January 9, 2018

Chinese women share #MeToo stories despite possible censorship Teen Vogue, January 9, 2018

Chinese women reveal sexual harassment, but #MeToo movement struggles for air Washington Post, January 9, 2018

China's women break silence on harassment as #MeToo becomes #WoYeShi Guardian, January 8, 2018

Will #MeToo spread in China? BBC, January 6, 2018

Racy Virtual-Reality Assistant Pulled After Questions Raised, Wall Street Journal, December 13, 2017

No #MeToo in China? Female journalists face sexual harassment but remain silent Hong Kong Free Press, December 5, 2017

China's sexual harassment problem SupChina News, December 4 2017

China's mixed messages to working women Financial Times, November 30, 2017

Why China needs a #MeToo campaign but won't allow it: Conversation with Leta Hong Fincher Sinica Podcast, November 30, 2017

China's burgeoning feminist movement - Interview with Leta Hong Fincher -   BBC, October 27, 2017

Women fail to crack China's glass ceiling as party picks new leaders Reuters, October 25, 2017

China refuses to admit it has a rape problem Foreign Policy, October 25, 2017

Why China has so few female leaders CNN, October 23, 2017

Sexual harassment at work is a global problem. Now, the world is finally talking about it. PRI's The World, October 20, 2017

China's 19th Party Congress: Interview with Leta Hong Fincher Foreign Policy Interrupted, October 20, 2017

In China women 'hold up half the sky' but can't touch the political glass ceiling Guardian, October 13, 2017

Oh Look, China's Another Country That's Not Promoting Any Women Buzzfeed, October 19, 2017

Anger as Chinese media claim harassment is just a western problem The Guardian, October 17, 2017

As China Prepares for New Top Leaders, Women are Still Shut Out New York Times, July 16, 2017

Talking Policy: Leta Hong Fincher on Feminism in China World Policy Journal, June 2, 2017

Trump officials say the UN supports coercive abortion in China. But does it? PRI's The World, April 28, 2017

Are Chinese women still holding up half the sky? Market takes its toll on their hard-won rights Financial Express, March 15, 2017

"Old like Yellowed Pearls" - The Struggle of China's Leftover Women The Politic, February 10, 2017

Women in China: One step forward, two steps back The Irish Times, December 27, 2016

How Chinese feminists can inspire women to stand up to Trump The Guardian, November 23, 2016

China's Feminist Five Dissent Magazine, Fall 2016

Unmarried and 27? In China, That Makes You a "Leftover Woman" VOGUE Magazine, October 3, 2016

Gender Inequality in China: A conversation with Leta Hong Fincher CSIS China Power podcast August 30, 2016

Profile: Author Leta Hong Fincher explains how term 'leftover women' is Chinese propaganda South China Morning Post August 19, 2016

 In China, feminism is growing -- and so is the backlash Los Angeles Times June 15, 2016

China's "leftover women" and the left-out system Open Democracy May 16, 2016

SKII Causes Flood of Tears in China With "Leftover" Women Short Film Brand Channel April 28, 2016

Author Details Unapproved Cuts to "Leftover Women" China Digital Times April 21, 2016

Interview with ABC News 24 on China's 'leftover' women ABC News 24 April 16, 2016

SKII Takes on China's "Leftover" Women WWD April 17, 2016

Viral Ad Sparks Outpouring for "Leftover" Women in China VOA News April 12, 2016

Emotional advert about China's 'leftover' women goes viral BBC April 8, 2016

Emotional viral video empowers China's 'leftover' women Deutsche Welle April 8, 2016

SK II's new commercial challenges traditional attitudes towards marriage in China The Independent April 13, 2016

Leftover Women - How Millenial Women Must Fight Tradition Medium April 8, 2016

A Chinese feminist's defiant message to the government that jailed her Washington Post March 8, 2016

What future for women in Chinese higher education? Times Higher Education Jan 21, 2016

China’s domestic violence law is a victory for feminists. But they say it doesn’t go far enough. Washington Post Dec 29, 2015

'Leftover Women' reveals unequal shares of China’s growing wealth. Christian Science Monitor Dec 23, 2015

China's 'leftover women' fight back: Fincher. AFP Nov 2, 2015

Two's a crowd for many Chinese after one-child policy change. AFP Oct 30, 2015

China ends one-child policy, but it may be too lateMcClatchy News Oct 29, 2015

China's Other Women. Time Oct 22, 2015

Hillary Clinton called Xi’s speech ‘shameless,’ and the Web went wild. Washington Post Sep 28, 2015

Despite real progress, Chinese women may be losing groundWashington Post Sep 26, 2015 

China's Feminists will Mark Women's Conference with Deafening Silence. Guardian Sep 26, 2015

China's Feminists Won't Let the Government Stop Their Momentum. Buzzfeed Jul 6, 2015

Watering the gardens of others - China’s women are being shut out of the land and housing markets. The Economist Jun 12, 2015

Five Feminists Remain Jailed in China for Activities the Government Supports. Time Mar 19, 2015

China Detains 10 Feminist Activists, Totally Missing the Memo on How to Celebrate International Women's Day. Bustle Mar 12, 2015

For richer, for poorer: how China's laws put women second. Guardian Feb 24, 2015

China's Boyfriends for Hire. Foreign Affairs Feb 20, 2015

Home truths | At last, domestic violence is to be outlawed. The Economist Dec 4, 2014

China’s first anti-domestic violence law hailed as a step forward. Guardian Nov 26, 2014

China Has Finally Drafted a Domestic-Violence Law. Time Nov 26, 2014

Gender Inequality in China - Smokestack Nostalgia. BBC May 28, 2014


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