January 22. UC Irvine Long US-China Institute. 3:30pm.

January 23. UC San Diego 21st Century China Center. 2pm. In conversation with Dayo Gore.

January 24. USC US-China Institute Los Angeles, 4pm.

January 28. Pomona College Los Angeles, 12:15pm.

January 29. World Affairs Council San Francisco, 6:30pm.

January 30. UC Santa Cruz Humanities Institute. 12pm.

January 31. Stanford University 4:30pm.

February 1. UC Berkeley Institute of East Asian Studies 3pm.

February 17. Harvard College HPAIR Conference #MeToo in Asia seminar. 10am.

March 6. Queen Victoria Women’s Centre Melbourne, Australia. 12:45pm.

March 7. Adelaide Writers Week, Australia. 12pm. In conversation with Sohaili Abdulaili.

March 10. Sydney Opera House All About Women Festival. 4:15pm.

March 12. Chinese University of Hong Kong 4pm.

March 16. Beijing Bookworm Literary Festival. 2pm. In conversation with Yuan Yang.

March 17. Beijing Bookworm Literary Festival. 2pm. In conversation with Amy Qin and other experts.

March 22. University of Toronto Munk School of Global Affairs. 10am. In conversation with Lynette Ong.

April 12. Cornell ILR School Symposium. New York. 1pm. With Eli Friedman and other scholars.

April 24. University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for East Asian Studies. 2:30pm.

May 5. The Spirit of May Fourth: Intellectual Voices and the Future of China. China Institute, New York. 1pm. In conversation with Lydia H. Liu, Gail Hershatter and others.

May 8. PEN World Voices Festival, New York. 7pm. In conversation with Ma Jian and Chip Rolley.

June 6. ASIANET: The Asian Century, University of Oslo Norway. Keynote speech: China’s Feminist Awakening.

June 14. Discussion with feminist activists from China, New York. 6:30pm.

June 20. Chinese Youth Activism - Dialogue China discussion Washington DC. In conversation with Zhao Sile.

June 24. Aspen Ideas Festival - China’s Next Chapter. In conversation with James Fallows, Yang Lan and Zak Dychtwald. Aspen Colorado.

June 25. Aspen Ideas Festival Facebook Live interview with James Fallows and Zak Dychtwald. Aspen, Colorado.

June 27. Aspen Ideas Festival - Springtime for Strongmen. In conversation with Robert Kagan, Michael Abramowitz and Elliot Gerson about the rise of authoritarianism worldwide. Aspen, Colorado.

September 22. Town Hall Seattle. 7:30pm. China’s Feminist Awakening.

October 3. Loyola Marymount University. 11:30am. Women and China: The Revolution. Los Angeles, California.

October 10. Keynote speaker, Women’s Empowerment: An International Perspective, University of South Florida Center for Strategic and Diplomatic Studies conference.

November 5. Panelist, More than a One-Child Policy, Museum of Chinese in America. With Nanfu Wang, Maya Ludtke and Melissa Ludtke. New York. 6:30pm.


July 26. Council on Foreign Relations, New York. With Lu Pin, Rachel Vogelstein and Liang Xiaowen.

September 19.  Harvard University Fairbank Center, Cambridge, MA, 12:30pm.

September 20. Porter Square Books, Cambridge MA, 7pm. In conversation with Moira Weigel.

September 25. China Institute, New York. 6pm. In conversation with Lu Pin and Dinda Elliott.

September 26. Strand Books, New York. 7-8pm. In conversation with Mona Eltahawy.

September 30. Politics and Prose at Union Market, Washington DC. 5pm. In conversation with Indira Lakshmanan.

October 5. Bristol Festival of Ideas, UK. 19:00 (7pm).

October 7. China Changing Festival, Southbank Centre, London. 12pm. 

October 7. Cheltenham Literature Festival, UK. 6-7pm. With Laura Bates, Helen Pankhurst and Agnès Poirier.

October 8. Young China Watchers London. London, 18:40.

October 16. Yale Law School 12:10-1:30pm. In conversation with Lu Pin.

October 17. Columbia University Weatherhead East Asian Institute, New York. 4-5:30pm. In conversation with Lu Pin.

October 18. CSIS, Washington, D.C. 4-5:15pm. In conversation with Mei Fong and Bonnie Glaser.

October 23. Bryn Mawr College, PA. 5-6pm. 

October 29-30. Hotchkiss School, CT.

November 1. NvVoices New York launch, Verso Books. 7-9pm. In conversation with Lu Pin, Rebecca Karl and Joanna Chiu.

November 7. University of Hong Kong 5-6:30pm.

November 8. Foreign Correspondents Club, Hong Kong. 12:30pm.

November 10. Hong Kong International Literary Festival. 2-3pm. With Guadalupe Nettel, Laline Paull and Elizabeth LaCouture.

November 10. Hong Kong International Literary Festival. 3:30-4:30pm. In conversation with Maura Cunningham.

November 15. Williams College. 7:30-9pm.

November 20. Princeton University. 4:30pm.

November 29. Trinity University, Texas. 4pm.


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